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Corner Baths

Corner baths



What is the one thing you look for when you go to a holiday resort? It has to be a cute little corner bath with a good view to relax your mind and body from all the work stress. What if you could now get all that in the comfort of your home? Yes, a bathtub at home could just be the perfect way to quickly recoup over the weekend. Tucked away to a side, saving up on space and looking aesthetically pleasing, a corner bath has more than just one benefit for you and your family.

So, if you are considering a home makeover or building a new home, make sure to leave some space for a comforting corner bath. To assist you further in making the right choice, we at xTWOstore have all the top-selling products curated for you under one roof. Make sure to do thorough research on our corner baths Ireland collection, before you pick the right corner bath for your home.

At xTWOstore, the collection of corner baths Ireland is inclusive of top luxury brands, designs, colours and sizes, so you can make the right choice. A one-stop shop for all your bathroom and kitchen needs, xTWOstore is just the place to shop online. >>Read more

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xTWOstore has collaborated with top brands to provide you with the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. Saving you not only the time of physically going to a store but also some money in your pockets. Products available on the xTWOstore are made of top-notch quality and promise durability at affordable prices. We regularly update our site with offers and promotions, make sure to stay tuned. The top brands that sell a corner bath Ireland are:

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Due to its reduced length and space-saving design, corner baths are an excellent choice for space-constrained bathrooms. Choosing the right corner bath Ireland can prove to be useful in many ways.

As corner baths are broader than regular bathtubs, comfort is not something you have to worry about. It is a common misconception that they can be uncomfortable to use because of their reduced length. On the contrary, corner baths provide unique bathroom design options. Asymmetric corner baths are now a trending choice to make your bathroom stand out from the rest. At the xTWOstore, corner baths come in a variety of sizes, including those that comfortably accommodate two persons.

Not just for you, but a corner bath can be your child’s best partner, especially during the morning shower. They are slip resistant proving to be a safer option for those who have toddlers or small kids at home. Making your mornings much easier, investing in a corner bath Ireland can go a long way.

Apart from just fitting perfectly into any bathroom, a corner bath Ireland will also amp up your chances if you consider reselling your home. Fully furnished homes add more value, therefore investing in corner baths Ireland will turn out to win-win situation for all.

Finally, a corner bath not only adds value to your home but is also environmentally friendly. Corner baths Ireland are small in size, therefore the amount of water required for a relaxing shower is comparatively lesser when compared to a regular bathtub. You now do not have to feel guilty about wasting water, every time you step into to relax. Make the right choice not just for your home, but also for the environment.


As top-selling brands on xTWOstore cover all shapes, sizes and budgets, once you have made your choice, it is also important to pair your corner baths with the right accessories. Be it the taps, towel holders or tissue rods, a relaxing bath needs to have it all. We at xTWOstore provide you with all the necessary accessories that will match your bathroom under one roof.

Choose from our wide range of bathroom accessories that cover, single-lever taps, e-taps, and double taps in various colours. Complement the whole look with our range of towel holders, soap dishes, soap dispensers, tissue rods and much more. You can also choose from our wide collection of bathroom toilets, for a complete xTWOstore experience.

A few of our top selling brands on xTWOstore are Grohe, Ideal Standard, Duravit and Geberit. Choose from the best and enjoy luxury products at affordable prices.

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