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The current marketplace is filled with an abundance of shower hoses, but randomly buying a common or cheap shower hose is a short-term solution. But shower hoses are appliances that one buys for long-term usage. Therefore, you must make the choice of shower hose wisely. It is common to see that while buying shower hoses for our bathrooms, we often do not pay as much attention to its quality and appearance as we do while making a purchase of a bathroom tap and faucet, a shower set or bathtub tap, or some other bathroom furniture. But this lack of attention can cost in the long run. >>Read more

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Therefore, choose a shower hose that provides quality. You can make the right choice of hose for your shower from xTWOstore, among its wide variety of options. We have shower hoses from top manufacturers like AXOR, Dornbracht, DURAVIT, GROHE, HANSA, Hansgrohe, Ideal Standard, Keuco, and Steinberg.

It is also important to be aware about the required length of your hose, for optimum usage. This length depends upon several factors, for e.g., whether you shower in the bathtub or the shower cabin, how tall you are, and do you have a shower bar on which your shower head holder could be hung? Other scenarios which you need to consider while choosing the shower hose include: Will the shower hose be hanging on a deep-seated bathtub faucet? or Will it sit on a pre-installed shower thermostat? You should also consider whether or not the water comes directly from the wall - as in the case of concealed installation systems.

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Since we are talking about durable shower hoses, there are several factors to be considered while making the best choice. For instance, it must be checked whether the hoses are being made of robust, high-quality material or not. In case they are not, there are chances they might bend, or even become porous, get cracks or holes, and even start leaking after a certain point of time. A leaking hose is non-functional and also leads to dampness and wastage of water. In earlier times, the classic metal hose stood for high quality. In today’s time, this term stands for good plastic hoses that are durable, and provide long-lasting usage capabilities, while being easy to care for. You must also ensure that the shower hose you choose prevents water accumulation or any kind of premature wear and tear due to poor material usage. A wide range of choices at our store will help you in choosing the best shower hose for your bathrooms. There are about twenty choices in our series, which include CeraWell, Comfortflex, HansaJet, HansaMedijet, HansaMedipro, HansaViva, Isiflex, Montreux, Meloh, Metaflex, Plan, Relexa, Relexaflex, Rotaflex, ShowerSolutions, Starck, Sensoflex, Silverflex, Silverflex Longlife, and Universal.


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