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In a busy life like today, where does one stand a chance to step into a bath and spend an hour? With the need to be quick and on time, stand-alone showers have taken over the market, becoming increasingly popular. Shower trays and shower cabins Ireland have become a new trend with new technologies making your bathroom space compact and comfortable.

However, not every bathroom has the option of a wet room with drainage to let the water flow without damaging the floor. To solve this issue,shower trays with shower cabins Ireland are installed to direct the water flow to the drainage. It's not just about how good your shower system is; choosing the suitable shower tray and shower cabins Ireland that fits your bathroom space is also essential. Shop for the perfect shower tray that is reliable and long-lasting.

Shower trays Ireland and shower cabins Ireland come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Choose one that fits the aesthetics of your everyday morning space. There are many affordable options available online, including designer brands >>Read more


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When installing new bathroom fixtures, it is common to miss important construction features while concentrating on crucial aesthetics. Mismatchings could result in unwanted disasters; we do not want that to happen. For instance, seamless panels and chrome shower pipes are pretty stylish, but they could clash with a simple shower tray that doesn't quite go with them or feels cheap to stand on. You may want to quickly uncover some quality goods at discounted prices from reputed brands just by browsing the internet to avoid such mistakes. Bette, Duravit, EMCO, and Geberit are four prominent manufacturers of excellent shower trays sizes Ireland for your bathrooms.

Bette offers you a wide range of shower tray sizes Ireland you can choose from. From simple quadrant trays with an anthracite finish, there is everything that you need. They also make a line of intricate square trays with anti-slip properties to keep you steady while showering. The chrome drain tops add that sophisticated and aesthetic look. These premium shower trays Ireland are the ideal addition to a high-end shower installation.

For frequent usage, the Duravit brand offers long-lasting shower trays sizes Ireland at very reasonable prices. For something more upscale, check out the shower tray range of Ideal Standard in various sizes. Geberit shower trays Ireland, on the other hand, for even the most enormous showers. Finally, for minimalist solutions, many designers resort to Villeroy & Boch.


While choosing a shower tray to suit your dream bathroom, a few things must be kept in mind.

  •  First, it is essential to note that you select an anti-slip and water-resistant tray to protect you and your kids from slipping over.

  •  The second thing to keep in mind is the perfect fit. Adding a pentagonal shower tray in a rectangular shower cabin may cause discomfort and may not serve the purpose of draining the water. If you choose a rectangular shower cabin, make sure to opt for a rectangular shower tray that fits perfectly; this is essential to ensure the water is drained correctly after use.

  • Shower trays sizes through unnoticed, make a statement when chosen correctly. Seamless and comfortable designs offered by these brands in an aesthetic design will ensure you have the perfect bathing space.

  • Branded products do not always have to be expensive. Take some time out, conduct proper research and make the right purchase. 

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