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Always behind the scenes and making your bathroom work, the supply fittings in your sink, bath and other water fixtures are one of life’s annoying necessities. When you’re renovating or redecorating the room, or even fitting it for the first time, searching for your perfect combination of tiles and bath, and so on, can be quite interesting and fun. The same cannot be said for these fiddly little bits of plumbing paraphernalia that are essential to the functioning of the room, but have little aesthetic value. Many home decorators find them a chore to change, and get confused with the jargon, so it’s understandable when these invisible fittings are simply left alone. However, there’s something to be said for updating your supply fittings when you get the chance, such as when you’re already removing an existing sink unit for a redesign. That’s because without them your bathroom won’t get any water. Or even more likely, they will fail over time and the room will get far more water than intended! Therefore, when updating your design, it’s worth considering an upgrade in the plumbing department, too. Searching for discount offers online may help ensure that this investment doesn’t break the bank.

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Choosing supply fittings to suit your needs and wallet

With a little understanding of the parts you need and a plan of action, you can find some great bargains. Always plan ahead, as this makes it easier to budget and avoids accidental purchasing of the wrong fittings or duplicates. Though these unseen parts are not exciting, they are essential, and it’s worth sparing the money for quality. The last thing you want is to have to start work all over again to replace a breakage, or worse, to have an old pipe spring a leak and damage your new units or tiles. Fortunately, there are brands out there which strike a balance between affordability and quality, such as Grohe, Schell and Hansgrohe. Grohe produce some beautiful elbows with a sleek, chrome design. The Grotherm range, in particular, features an elbow with an integrated shower holder, which can be installed vertically or horizontally, and is protected against backflow, combining efficiency with modern aesthetics. The Grohe Rainshower range includes a white elbow that could complement a white shower unit. Schell are noted for durable angle valves and a smart, simple self-closing pillar tap design. These are ideal if you want a minimalist design or struggle with manual taps. Hansgrohe fittings are great for blending into existing designs, with taps that have a choice of shapes, and won’t look out of place. Hansgrohe also produce the Fixit stop check with backflow preventer and integrated shut-off tap. Altogether, a little planning and smart shopping can give you a brand new set of supply fittings without breaking your budget or forcing a change in your overall bathroom design. Turn the chore of finding plumbing parts into a search for the ideal design accents.

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