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At xTWOstore, we aim to provide the best selection of high-quality wash basins to suit all kinds of bathrooms. We offer an extensive range of modern and classic designs that cater to any bathroom renovation project.Washbasins or sinks are undoubtedly one of the most essential components found in almost every household. It's where we maintain hygiene before rushing out for a busy day ahead. Keeping this important element as clean as possible is everyone's top priority.

That’s why we have curated a collection of premium wash basin options from the best brands across the industry that guarantee superior quality and are ideal for diverse home renovation projects. Our collection includes several wash basin ranges made with top brands like Grohe, Duravit, Axor, Geberit, and Villeroy-boch with the best materials such as ceramic, glass, and high-quality natural and man-made engineered quartz.

This ensures beauty and durability go together so that the clients can rest assured that they are adequately equipped with optimal purchase value returns when making online transactions via our platforms. We ensure each manufacturer is committed to sustainability strategies within their business models using eco-friendly materials. Also, the production processes aim to prioritize ideal costs while promoting environmental conservation at the same time.

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Affordable washbasins with a splash of style

Let’s know about the various advantages of choosing washbasins for bathrooms

Uncomplicated adjustments: Wash basins for bathrooms are the most adjustable bathroom accessory that can fit into any place without acquiring much space. It can be easily adjusted according to the user’s height.

Appealing atmosphere: A wash basin for a bathroom selected according to the need and décor ameliorates its atmosphere. It can add a finishing look to the bathroom while elevating its efficiency

Bathroom basin: A bathroom without a bathroom basin seems incomplete, as it increases the bathroom’s functionality. It can be used for quick morning makeovers when mirrors are added to it

Versatile: Bathroom basins are available in various styles and colors to match any bathroom theme

At xTWOstore, our team of highly experienced professionals will guide you through the selection process of your bathroom basins to save your resources.

You don’t have to limit yourself to stores on the high street for great basins. Shop around on the internet and you may be surprised how cheap the same items are to buy, even from top brands. Remember to consider what kind of tap setup you want, as you will need to pick a range that also offers attractive single or double taps. Also look at the matching units, for sinks that require support. Most brands have complete sets of matching fixtures within one range. You can start by looking at Duravit, Ideal Standard, and Villeroy & Boch. For a great surface-mounted washbasin, look at Villeroy & Boch’s My Nature range. This curvy, free-standing is great for making a statement. Villeroy & Boch Subway 2.0 offers a compact shape with a quirky off-center overflow hole. For something bold, Villeroy & Boch also produce a fun bowl-shaped basin for surface mounting in the Architecture series. Ideal Standard is a good choice for simplicity, with a standing corner unit in the Connect range that may solve a lot of space and budget problems. Ideal Standard also produces a more traditional sink in the Strada range, with a single tap and a sharp, box-shaped design. Duravit meanwhile offers a great double sink for busy households in the D-Code range, which includes many other types, all in sanitary white ceramics. Duravit’s Bacino range has a cone-shaped surface sink that should prove perfect for a contemporary bathroom scheme. Have a look at Keramag Dejuna for an elegant, wheelchair-accessible unit, plus Keramag Vitalis for the same with a convenient, inwardly curved lip. Laufen Alessi offers a conical wall mount in the typical futuristic Laufen style, while Bette is a great choice for seamless counter mounts. Whichever washbasin type you choose for your bathroom, you’ll appreciate washing in style and luxury every day.

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