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It is common for us to overlook the significance a sink holds in the kitchen space. It helps us prep meals, water our plants, and, of course, wash the dishes. It is that one unit that holds a multi-purpose value in our life that we don't even think twice about how important it is to have the right one at home. Just like it is vital to have a trustworthy friend, it is essential to have a trustworthy kitchen sink. As we tend to depend on this unit of the kitchen on an everyday basis, let's take a minute to stop and take a good look at these BLANCO sinks that promise to be your best friend in the kitchen. 

BLANCO sinks promise a beautiful, strong and clean product of high quality. With an exclusive style and design pallet, these BLANCO sinks Ireland will make the perfect partner in your kitchen. BLANCO has come out with a wide range of styles, configurations and sizes to make sure you fall in love with what you find. The xTWOstore site brings you the entire BLANCO sink collection under one roof, saving you time and money. Make sure you regularly visit our website to encash some offers we periodically update. >>Read more


BLANCO also manufactures kitchen taps that suit their kitchen sinks product range. Their smart technology products will make the right companion for your BLANCO sinks, from single-lever basin taps to electronic kitchen taps. If you want to know more about BLANCO sinks Ireland, >>Click Here



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The BLANCO sinks come with a promise of durability and superior strength. The usage of advanced materials and technology makes its product the most sought after. The Canadian-manufactured BLANCO sinks are heat, scratch and stain resistant, dusting off half the pressure of washing vessels. BLANCO follows precise and strict protocols in every step of its production to ensure superior quality products are made for its customers. 


BLANCO sinks come not in one but in three different materials. Giving you a wide range to select from, make sure you browse the entire collection on the xTWOstore before making your decision. As promised, their beautiful, solid and clean products are made of the hardest element of natural granite, quartz. Their tested and certified products meet every standard your kitchen deserves. There are three different material options at BLANCO. Stainless Steel, Fireclay and Silgranit.  


SILGRANIT: BLANCO SILGRINIT sinks are incredibly robust and can endure heat from hot pots just off the stove, steaming sheet pans, and boiling water. So don't be concerned if a knife or other metal object you dropped in your BLANCO sink leaves a mark. The metal has worn off and is now visible on the sink. All you need to get rid of the mark is some gentle detergent or oil and a soft sponge for cleaning.

Additionally, you and your food are shielded from dirt and bacteria by the protective layer of SILGRINIT. Up to 98 per cent fewer bacteria develop due to its unique Hygienic+Plus surface protection technology. As a result, BLANCO sinks Ireland is entirely safe for use in food preparation.

STAINLESS STEEL: With over 95 years of experience in the field, BLANCO offers the best stainless steel kitchen sink with upgraded technology and design. Their timeless collection is integrated beautifully into every kitchen space. From rounded to tight corners, different depts and sink sizes, BLANCO offers a wide range of collections in its stainless steel range. Its no porous surface prevents dirt, bacteria and micro-organisms from harbouring within the sink. It also naturally resists typical household acids, stains, and markings like those left behind by coffee or some fruits and vegetables.

FIRECLAY: Bringing the old-world designs into modern homes can only be possible with BLANCO sinks. Adding a touch of traditional aesthetic to your kitchen, their fireclay range of sinks is a perfect way to honour traditions. A smooth, glossy surface that is both attractive and practical is produced on a BLANCO Fireclay sink through the use of hand-finishing processes and high firing temperatures. So enjoy the eternal beauty of BLANCO fireclay along with the old-world charm.

Compared to the other two products, these ceramic sinks need a little more attention when it comes to cleaning. They are not resistant to aggressive cleaners like paint chemicals and oven cleaners. Hence we recommend using a mild detergent for everyday cleaning and a diluted bleach solution for harder stains. 

Besides the kitchen sinks, BLANCO sinks Ireland also manufactures laundry, ADA, and bar sinks, promising the same high quality and durability.

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