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Benefits and Features of hansgrohe Shower - Croma E Shower Pipes with Thermostatic Mixer

Hansgrohe Shower pipes are a good option to replace cumbersome shower panels. Shower pipes are much easier to install and are very much like shower panels. You can install it on the shower wall as opposed to the inside of it, saving a lot of space and, of course, the hassle.

Hansgrohe Shower; Croma E shower pipes provide exceptional showering and bathing experiences. Their timeless design, alongside state-of-the-art functionality and an attractive price, makes them ideal for today's family bathrooms.

In this blog, we shall discuss some of the key advantages and features of the Hansgrohe Croma E shower pipe with Thermostatic Mixer.

Hansgrohe Shower Series - Croma E Shower Pipes

One of the highest quality shower pipes you can find, the Hansgrohe Croma E shower pipes give you the freedom to choose spray patterns according to your choice and are absolutely safe to use.

They consist of a Hansgrohe Isiflex shower hose, a Hansgrohe Croma head shower, and a Hansgrohe Croma Select E hand shower.

If you have an instantaneous water heater, this one is just the right thing to install in your bathroom.

One of the best features of the Hansgrohe Shower, Croma E shower pipe with thermostatic mixer is that it distributes the water over a large area of spray disk. So, every time you walk into the shower, you are sure to have an invigorating, wellbeing showering experience.

Hansgrohe Croma E Shower Pipes with Thermostatic Mixer Benefits

1.      Cool Contact powered by CoolTouch®

Shower control becomes more intuitive as a result of GROHE Digital products such as the GROHE CoolTouch®, and certain functions such as water and temperature can even be programmed and recalled.

Its innovative cooling technology enables the incoming cold water in such a way that it flows from the front and top in the direction of the thermostat cartridge. Likewise, the hot water is fed directly from the wall connection into the cartridge. With this technology, the thermostat doesn’t remain hot but stays permanently cool and safe, and you can let your kids have some splashing time in the bathroom.

2.      Safeguard against hot water

Think of extremely hot water pouring out of the bathroom faucet and your kids handling it. Scary, right? It’s not just the thermostat but also hot water from the faucet that can be dangerous for your children. To ensure the safety of your family and your peace of mind, the Croma E Shower Pipes with Thermostatic Mixer comes with SafeStop technology. This function allows a temperature of up to 38°C and can only be tapped when the SafeStop button is pressed. Provided, it never allows the water to exceed 50°C.

3.      Hand shower with multiple sprays

Who doesn’t like an invigorating showering experience? The Croma E Shower Pipes with Thermostatic Mixer come with multiple spray patterns that allow a soft and refreshing rain jet, which is amazing to wash off your tiredness. The IntenseRain technology is a perfect solution for revitalization. With a massage and concentrated with pulsating jet water spray, you will be able to get rid of muscle tension.

4.      Intuitive operation

The new shower slide offers additional convenience. By pressing a single button, you are able to switch between the jet types. The hand shower can be moved and adjusted to the perfect height.

5.      Overhead Shower

With the extra-large overhead shower, you can enjoy true shower luxury. Thanks to the generous dimensions, you get to enjoy the soft RainAir spray on your entire body. The XXL performance ensures optimal water distribution to all active jets. Additionally, you can adjust the angle of the metal spray disc (high quality) to suit your needs.

hansgrohe Croma E Shower Pipes are a great investment when looking for bathroom projects. To shop for the hansgroge Croma E shower series and related bathroom fittings and accessories, visit

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