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GROHE SmartControl Sink Taps

Sink Pleasure with GROHE SmartControl Sink Taps

The most important part of any kitchen is the kitchen sink, followed by the delicious food that you prepare. If you love cooking, you will probably also spend some time cleaning the dishes. The amount of dirty dishes, pots, and other utensils that sit in your kitchen sink definitely affects your mood. Which is why a proper and good-quality kitchen sink tap is something you should invest in.

Among the huge collection of kitchen sink taps that you will find in the market, GROHE has some of the best models and features to offer when it comes to faucets for kitchen sinks. In this blog, we shall be identifying some of the best advantages of the GROHE SmartControl kitchen sink faucets. Read on to find out:

The Advantages of GROHE SmartControl Kitchen Sink Taps

  • Perfect Technology

This technology is found in kitchen fittings from the Zedra, Minta, and Essence series. As SmartControl kitchen fixtures feature no lever, you receive the purest form of purism and a design without any distracting elements on the sink. While Zedra SmartControl kitchen faucets are distinguished by their organic cone shape, Minta and Essence SmartControl kitchen faucets feature consistent lines in a cylindrical design with angular or rounded edges.

  • Adjustable Body

As an alternative to a lever, you start the water flow by pressing the button located right on the faucet-perfect for times when you have your hands full. Turning the knob adjusts the flow. You can switch from the eco jet to the powerful jet and the temperature is adjusted by the valve on the body of the faucet.

  • Maximum Flexibility

Designed to make your kitchen work as easy as possible, GROHE SmartControl kitchen faucets are equipped with a pull-out spray that makes loading large items, washing dishes, and cleaning the sink a breeze. The swivelling spout, which can be swivelled by 140°, guarantees maximum flexibility. Filling large vessels placed on the worktop or drainer is made possible.

  • It includes QuickFix® Plus

At times, installation is the biggest challenge one faces when thinking of renovation or replacing the kitchen faucet. However, with the GROHE SmartControl QuickFix® Plus, you don’t have to worry. It reduces installation time by up to 50%. With this QuickFix® Plus, you get fewer installation parts and it includes a centering tool with a quick-slide screw nut.

Which is the best kitchen sink tap?

GROHE has a unique collection of kitchen sink faucets that are fancy looking, have proper ergonomics, and have quality materials. GROHE offers you an amazing range of kitchen sink taps. Some of them are GROHE Essence, Minta, and Zedra. Based on your preference, kitchen layout, and choice of colour and design, you can choose from any one of these.

These kitchen sink taps are available in a number of colours, such as chrome, brushed cool sunrise, hard graphite, brushed nickel, cool sunrise, and more.

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