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Duravit Toilets & Washbasin


What makes Duravit toilets an elite product?

An open rim, creative water movement, and efficient drainage Duravit has all the features that customers look for in a toilet, including ones that are simple to clean, safe, and equipped with a spray feature for optimal convenience. 

With the low flushing quantity, simple-to-maintain Duravit toilets are efficient even when using just 4.5 litres of water, which can obtain optimal cleansing requirements. The bowl is also relatively simple to clean, significantly reducing maintenance efforts, owing to the broad, easy-to-access rim section. 

The toilet is even simpler to maintain thanks to the tested WonderGliss coating. Limescale and grime have no opportunity due to the additional layer that is blended into ceramics; residues cannot stick, and thus, the dirt is more quickly washed out with water.

Advantages of using Duravit Toilets in your bathrooms

  • Bowl shape and the flush have been improved for optimal surface flushing and active flowing water.

  • Ceramics that are entirely glazed and flawless stop bacteria from growing and accumulating residual.

  • Cleanup is quick and simple, takes less time, and uses fewer cleaning materials.

  • A water level of 16 mm above the specifically formed inner edges is made possible by clever engineering.

  • A more considerable water surface results in less soiling

  • Intelligent water flow, irrespective of a rectangular exterior pattern, produces flawless inner surface flushing and good flushing outcomes even with a small volume of water.

Here are some of the Duravit Toilets with HygieneGlaze 2.0 for you.

Architec: Bathroom cleanliness results from the aesthetic value and usefulness of the Architec Duravit toilet series. Architec ceramic line adheres to the concept of two fundamental architectural shapes-the circle and the square-sufficient to produce a streamlined, contemporary, and wide-ranging model range that could be used for nearly any intended personal or communal purpose.

Darling New: A contemporary masterpiece by Duravit is Darling New. The leitmotiv of Darling New, a Duravit ceramics design standard that was created in collaboration with sieger design is the harmonic shape and exquisite outlines. In addition, the broad entire bathroom series gives your bathroom a flawless look and unrestricted design freedom. Darling New is excellent for every purpose because of this, particularly in the bathroom.

Starck 3: This series is widely duplicated but never replicated. There is no denying that Duravit has transformed the sanitary industry with the Starck 3 series of ceramics, offering much more superior Starck at a fantastic price. With a wide range of items that cater to all requirements and tastes, Starck 3 introduces innovation to a market where it was previously a new notion. Additionally, the collection provides more excellent value for your money than before.

Choose the best Duravit wash basins to match your toilets.

There are many different shapes and variations of Duravit wash basins and bathroom sinks. They can be matched with Duravit vanity units and toilets that complement. In addition to toilets, cabinets built of various materials like wood, glass, or natural stone make for an elegant design language in the Duravit basin design.

Here are some of the wash basins and bathroom sinks series for you to choose from Duravit 

LUV Series: DuraCeram, a technology that has the potential to achieve precise lines, is utilised to make basins from the Luv series. When combined with the ellipse of the Duravit wash basin and bathroom sink, this technology creates a perfectly evident and elegant design for Duravit basins. The combined tap base doubles as a cabinet for soap or other objects and is an option for sinks. In addition, the ceramic scalloped tip gives the exquisite Duravit basin series its elegant touch.

Vero Air: Vero Air is a comprehensive Duravit basin bathroom line that blends the predecessor's distinctiveness with higher accuracy and ideal dimensions because of modern technological possibilities. The Duravit wash basins and bathroom sinks in this series are a perfect choice for your bathrooms.

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