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The one thing every individual will look for while renovating their home is quality products at affordable prices. With millions of brands offering products at competitive prices, it is not necessary that they are all of excellent quality. A good amount of research and study will help you select products that not only suit your taste but are also durable and long-lasting. One such brand is Dornbracht. At Dornbracht, you will find high-quality Dornbracht kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, fittings and accessories that add luxury to your home. 

The different, proportionate, precise and progressive brand promises performance and personalization to ensure the result is stylish and long-lasting. Dornbracht fittings are original in design and therefore carry a unique personality. Their independent character makes incisive statements and gives your home a distinctive form of expensive finishing. 

Covering a wide range of products that are important to your new home, make sure to check out the Dornbracht kitchen faucets and Dornbracht bathroom faucets. Their bestsellers include wall-mounted basin taps, head and hand showers, and a wide range of accessories.

If you are looking for quality branded products at affordable prices, you have come to the right place. xTWOstore offers you the entire Dornbracht collection in one place. Explore and choose the right products for your home. Make sure you visit the website often to stay updated with our timely offers and promotions. >>Read more


Accessories like Towel Bars, Soap Dishes, and Toilet Brush Set


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Dorn Bracht promises quality and performance as they believe in producing sustainable products for their consumers. The brand has been built on a promise of making kitchen and bathroom fittings that are a safe option for long-term use. Their products are built with the best materials, modern technology, and exclusive craftsmanship. So choosing a Dornbracht faucet will help you enjoy your personal space for many years. The four P’s of Dornbracht are:


Perfect proportions can be found in Dornbracht faucets. Their aesthetic adheres to a timeless ideal and is harmonious, balanced, and exact. This perfection explains their enduring and recognizable visual appeal.


Dorn bracht fittings are the definition of unwavering precision. Their workmanship is distinguished by exquisite finishes and the most exemplary level of manufacture, while clear lines and exact radii characterize their form. Even the smallest details are accomplished with unmatched attention.


The Dorn bracht fittings are modern. They exhibit an enlightened outlook that is open to anything novel. As a result, they serve as a source of inspiration for interior designers and architects that aspire to the future. In constant conversation with the spirit of the time, they establish standards for the present and the future.


Dorn bracht fixtures are the definition of high performance. The greatest requirements for functionality and application pay attention to the various ways that water is presented. These improve things by producing distinctive aquatic experiences and extra worth.


Just like every kitchen requires a unique faucet, every chore in the kitchen also requires a different faucet. For example, what works for washing your hands will not work for cleaning your vessels and vice versa. This is where Dornbracht kitchen faucets come in to save you from making the wrong choices. The brand offers personalized products that support the various needs in the kitchen with the help of their expertise and years of research. From pull-out Dornbracht faucets and pull-down taps, drinking water faucets, to e-units, the Dornbracht kitchen faucets range is the perfect choice for your kitchen.


While looking for the perfect taps for toilets, you have to keep in mind that the smallest things make the most significant difference. Dornbracht bathroom faucets are not only the modern choice to make but are the perfect style partner for your personal space. From taps for toilets, washbasin taps, and bathtub taps to different types of shower heads, every Dornbracht faucet is designed to ensure the utmost comfort for you. The Dornbracht faucets collection of touchless fitting technology sets the brand apart from the rest. For unique architectural and interior design concepts, Dornbracht Touch-free with infrared technology is offered in six design lines and many gloss and matt finishes. In addition to meeting the highest cleanliness standards, the Dornbracht bathroom faucets offer contact-free design fitting with a visible sensor for simple operation.


Just like every other brand in the market, apart from just providing taps for toilets and kitchens, Dornbracht gives you a complete experience with its range of accessories. The Dornbracht faucets can be paired with these exclusive accessories to complete your bathroom space.


Shower Baskets

Grab Rails

Towel Bars

Towel Hooks and Rings

Soap Dispensers

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