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Duravit promises a durable life span and high-quality products to its customers. Their craftsmanship is meticulously detailed and made from sustainable materials.

Duravit believes that the washing area is the heart of the bathroom. Duravit offers a wide variety of products such as bathroom sinks, basins, wash basins, and Duravit toilets to enhance this space. Some of their selling products are smart SensoWash® shower-toilets and c-shaped innovative (patent pending) Happy D.2 washbasins, general washbasins, wall-mounted toilets, and bathtubs.

To harmonise the space, it also provides vanity units, mirrors, accessories, and fittings in decor, lacquer, and natural wood to ensure customization.

Duravit store products are available at xTWOstore, along with frequent promotions and discounts.

Duravit's varied product range includes taps, washbasins, toilets, baths, vanity units and much more. Check back regularly for discounts and promotions as we are always adding new items.

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To cut short your efforts of finding through hundreds of products, here are the top-selling, most-needed products handpicked

Wash Basins

Bathroom Tall Units, Bathroom Mirror Cabinets, Bathroom Vanity Units

Wash Basins Taps, Bathtub Taps, Taps for Bidets

Close Coupled Toilets, Wall-mounted Toilets, Back To Wall Toilets

Floor Standing Bidets, Wall-mounted Bidets

Bathtubs Shower Trays, Shower Systems and endlessly more


Covering over twelve categories with multiple products, here is the Duravit ready-to-ship bathroom product range at a glance

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Innovatively designed to give a modern makeover to your products

DURAVIT washbasin faucets

Designed with utmost innovation, and highly functional in-segment, the Duravit faucets are not just quick to adapt to your range of accessories, but are also highly versatile. The looks go unmatched to any other brand and are backed with high-level of engineering and design that make them aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to any bathroom. The functioning is kept simple, which makes them handy to use and thus, these fit to satisfy all your needs.


Duravit’s range of products carry detail to attention, and are manufactured with improvements gathered over two centuries of existence

If you’re wondering what’s so good about the Duravit range of bathroom products, then we’d love to tell you that it comes with handcrafted quality, built on engineering drawing boards, while catering to a blend of technology and attraction at the same time. Over the years the need for a better design is what’s more called for, and Duravit manufactures its complete range of products in collaboration with tier-I designers from across the world. This has also fetched the brand several design prizes. As an add-on to the use of latest technology, Duravit also caters to age-group specific needs, with attention to sustainability. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing methods contribute to environmental-friendly design, built to handle natural resources in a conservative way. Thus, by choosing Duravit, you also take a step ahead in marking an individual contribution to environmental conservation.


200+ years of innovation is what makes Duravit a leader in its segment, and totally unmatchable

Incepted in 1817, Duravit started as a stoneware manufacturer from Hornberg in Germany. Back then it was known by a different name and primarily manufactured dishes. Stepping into the 19th century, Duravit started off with manufacturing sanitary products, and hasn’t looked back ever since.

The company started to be known by its present name in 1960, and today operates from across 12 production factories across the globe. Even though centuries changed with its progress to an all new line of products, yet its core principle - to stay put with traditional heritage and craftsmanship precision was never lost. This typically comes from the nest of traditional German craft (still upheld) - ‘Black Forest’ craftsmen in Germany.


It is primarily an engineered DuraSolid® surface, that’s developed to be slip-free and stable

Duravit DuraSolid

Duravit exceptionally stands out from its competitors, by the innovation that it puts into its products. A primary contributing factor to this is DuraSolid® - a solid surface developed by the manufacturer. It is particularly suitable for the production of bathtubs and shower trays. Added to it, it has also upheld the conceptualization of new forms of design and manufacturing too.

DuraSolid® is made of natural materials that include resin as a natural binder, and is thus characterized by its high stability, slip-resistance, and longevity. You’d be surprised to know DuraSolid® helps create joint-free tub-bodies that not just provide matte finish, but also a gentle haptic. The process begins by casting a mold and subsequently drying it. The bathtubs being produced are given their final finish in the polishing booth. DuraSolid® is homogeneous in nature which makes it repairable, but there are also no scars ever left back on the repaired piece.


Caters everything from hygiene to anti-dust and being slip-resistant


Duravit HygieneGlaze

HygieneGlaze® is an effective antibacterial ceramic glaze by Duravit, that kills over 90% bacteria in just six hours, and 99.9% within 24 hours. These hygienic standards remain unmatched with any other manufacturer. HygieneGlaze is baked into the ceramic and its effect remains effective and long lasting over the years, thus not necessarily needing disinfectants and detergents. Here are a few Duravit’s products that come with HygieneGlaze® considerations:

HygieneGlaze Toilets

HygieneGlaze Urinals


Duravit WonderGliss

The WonderGliss coating is completely dust and limescale-resistant and keeps the surface smooth as ever. Wipe, wash, or just splash, nothing stays back. As an add on, cleaning is even easier. You can just use a detergent or soap base to regain your sparkling finish, and wipe clean with a smooth cloth. Here are a few WonderGliss products that you must check:

WonderGliss Washbasin

WonderGliss Toilets

WonderGliss Urinals

WonderGliss Bidets

WonderGliss Flushing Cisterns


Duravit Antislip

The Duravit anti-slip coating is transparent but perceptibly holds friction. It prevents any slipping within the shower tray. It is advised to clean your shower trays with a smooth wipe, while avoiding any aggressive or abrasive cleaning.


You’re bound to be left awestruck with the technologies that are put into building your bathroom products


Duravit c-bonded

c-bonded: Thanks to c-bonded technology, the washbasin and substructure merge seamlessly with each other. The piece of furniture starts right where the ceramics stops. The basis for the c-bonded versions are the L-Cube furniture. These can be combined with the ceramic series Darling New and Vero Air.


DuraFix: WC and bidet can be fixed very quickly and easily. The attachment remains completely invisible and disappears behind the toilet or bidet. It remains a smooth ceramic surface without disturbing openings and screws. Even half-columns under washbasins can be easily attached with DuraFix.

Duravit Rimless®

Duravit Rimless

Duravit Rimless® is a combination of an open flush rim combined with a powerful water supply for the toilet. With this, the water first takes a full circle around the toilet sink, and then the tornado sinks in vertically. This guarantees complete swipe-off and an efficiently cleaner toilet bowl. Even with a mini-flush the same mechanism runs and nothing is left behind for a follow-up flush activity.

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