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GROHE kitchen taps


It is important to choose a GROHE taps kitchen and mixer kitchen taps, that perfectly balances form and function. It needs to improve the workspace and be simple to operate, even with oily hands. A precise adjustment of the water flow or temperature depends heavily on the lever being handled smoothly.

Select a single-lever mixer taps kitchen with elegant lines for an architectural open-plan area to reflect the simplicity of the space. Pick a two-handle mixer taps kitchen for a traditional kitchen. Cooks who are serious about their food will welcome pull-out rinsing sprays, which make cleaning pots a breeze in the mixer kitchen taps. click here.

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In a kitchen, running water may be used up to 100 times daily! Because of this, GROHE provides a vast selection of tough taps that seamlessly blend use, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

Most of GROHE kitchen mixer taps come with a swivel spout for functionality. As a result, it may be easily moved into the desired position or away from the kitchen sink Ireland to avoid causing a disturbance. Additionally, there are variants with pull-out sprays. Wherever you want, you bring the water! It is no longer an issue to rinse the kitchen sink Ireland thoroughly or to fill the pan while the kitchen sink Ireland is full. Some variants feature an inbuilt magnet enabling the spray head's quick docking.

Double Lever Kitchen Taps: A two-handle tap's traditional design makes it easy for it to fit into any kitchen setting. They are mounted in a single hole in the worktop or kitchen sinks Ireland and have separate handles or levers to control the hot and cold-water flows.

Single-Lever Kitchen taps: Using a single hand, you can adjust the water flow and temperature with single-lever mixer taps kitchen Ireland. The water mix may be controlled with your fingertip using ceramic discs in the tap cartridge, freeing you your other hand to operate the rinsing spray. On the top or the side of the tap body, levers can be attached.


The kitchen taps from GROHE are pretty functional. For instance, the GROHE SilkMove cartridge makes it easy to handle the lever when adjusting the pressure and temperature of the water. While serving the same purpose, the GROHE SilkMove ES cartridge also conserves water and energy.

GROHE Flexx kitchen technology is available on tap models with pull-out sprayers. Santopren, a hygienic elastic thermoplastic, is used to encase the hose, making it particularly simple to handle. With EasyDock M, a magnetic holder makes it simple to reattach the pull-out spray to the tap. Your tap's lifespan is increased by GROHE LongLife, which also offers accurate temperature and water flow control. GROHE CoolTouch guards against burns on mixing valve surfaces. Surfaces are shielded from filth, limescale, and scratches by the StarLight coating. With GROHE SpeedClean, limescale may be eliminated with just a wipe. Finally, GROHE QuickFix significantly shortens the tap installation process.

Please be aware that not all models have the features mentioned above. Therefore, please feel free to browse the product page for your preferred kitchen tap to learn more about its features


Some of the design series that GROHE has created are listed here. The Eurosmart series boasts clean lines for an understated yet sophisticated look. The ergonomic grips provide a very cosy grip. The Parkfield series flatters with its rounder forms, while the Eurocube series impresses with its contemporary square style.

The Minta range features sleek, minimalist cylinder designs that look well in any contemporary kitchen. The mixer tap kitchen of the Essence series provide organic, delicate, and modern designs and are inspired by nature. They come in 10 different metallic colours that you may mix and match however you like. Be original!

Finally, the GROHE Blue and GROHE Red water systems improve our experience with tap water. High-quality water is available right from the tap with GROHE Blue. It is, in fact, perfectly filtered, cooled, and carbonated. Likewise, boiled water is available right from the tap with GROHE Red.

Other GROHE taps kitchen from other manufacturers can be found here.

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