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Shower Hoses

GROHE Shower Hoses - Various Designs and Lengths to Match Your Renovation Ideas

Pick a suitable shower hose from our vivid collection, available in many lengths

The experience of bathing becomes even more enjoyable with a proper shower hose. A functional shower hose should be flexible, look good, and have high-quality connection with swivelling and easy revolving connections. GROHE shower hoses are designed to match, fit, and work perfectly with your modern bathroom. >>Read more

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Don't Compromise with Quality and Functionality

The GROHE hose for showers comes with high-quality parts and material

When thinking of bathroom fittings or working on bathroom plans, shower hose is something that can make you feel overwhelmed. GROHE shower hoses are made of quality material and come in generous length, allowing you to pull it to an extent. Combining it with GROHE Euphoria showers, gives you a functional and good-looking bathroom.

Finding the Best Length in GROHE Shower Hoses

No matter your showering priorities, GROHE has the perfect fitting shower hoses for you

The length of your shower hose depends on several factors such as do you sit or stand while taking shower, or do you shower in shower tray or bath tub? How tall you are, does your shower hose hang from a thermostatic shower mixer or from a low bath mixer, etc. Keeping these points in mind, the GROHE hose for shower comes in different lengths for a complete and relaxing bathing experience.

GROHE shower hoses are available in:

  • 200 mm

  • 225 mm

  • 230 mm

  • 1000 mm

  • 1250 mm

  • 1500 mm

  • 1750 mm

  • 2000 mm

The 1250 mm and below are usually for the bathtubs, so that the hose does not get in the way when you bathe. 1500 mm - 1750 mm are the perfect dimensions for a shower, which gives you full freedom of space when taking a shower.

Additionally, you can also choose the 2000 mm hose which is especially designed for larger bathrooms. If you have ample space in your standing shower or bathtub, this hose will function perfectly.

Impressive Series of GROHE Shower Hoses

Durable and good-looking shower hoses for your modern bathroom

  • Relexa

Sturdy and practical, the GROHE Relexa shower hose is one of its kind. Available in various sizes, it gives you the flexibility and convenience for a comfortable shower experience.

  • Relexaflex

The GROHE Relexaflex is a metal shower hose range perfect for any bathroom. Comes with generous length and has chrome coating in it for easy cleaning. It comes with an anti-twist-protection.

  • Rotaflex

These metal shower hoses by GROHE Rotaflex come with a comfortable length and have GROHE StarLight chrome features in it for easy cleaning. One best thing is that it never gets tangled.

  • Silverflex

This GROHE Silverflex shower hose is one of its kind and it allows you to connect your handshower to your shower or bath. It has that amazing StarLight shine with rotating twist-free function for a comfortable bath.

  • Silverflex Longlife

The GROHE Silverflex longlife shower hose is all about contemporary design that is designed to last. It is best suited for modern bathrooms and is ideal for shower system or shower rail set.

  • Universal

The GROHE Universal series of shower hoses is easy to use and can be installed for your bathtub or for washing your head. You can also use them in bidets, toilet sprays, etc.

The GROHE shower hose can be combined with GROHE Euphoria and GROHE SmartControl shower sets for a splendid bathing and shower experience. These shower hoses are available in attractive colours of chrome, cool sunrise, warm sunset, hard graphite, and nickel. You can explore more of GROHE bathroom products and accessories on xTWOstore.com.

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