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If you want to makeover your everyday morning personal space, Ideal Standard is the one-stop shop that will offer you precisely what you need. Ideal Bathrooms have the power to make or break your day, so we highly recommend you choose from the best. Ideal Standard kitchens are also a great choice if you want a kitchen of your choice. Some of the best Ideal Standard kitchen taps and kitchen accessories Ireland are available at xTWOstore. At Ideal Standard, you will find everything you need. From washbasins to bathtubs, and shower systems to Ideal bathroom accessories Ireland such as washbasin fittings, mirrors, towel bars, and Ideal Standard toilet seats, the wide range at Ideal Standard is the perfect place to shop for an ideal bathroom and Ideal bathroom accessories Ireland.

Ideal Standard Ireland is also keen on making your cooking space ideal and has launched a range of Ideal Standard kitchen taps and kitchen accessories Ireland that will best suit our kitchen. The below-listed items will give you a good overview of the Ideal Standard Ireland product range for you to choose from. This site will have regular updates with special offers and discounts, so do not forget to keep checking and help yourself save money.

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Making sure that a bathroom is a place that will make you feel whole, Ideal Standard Ireland has set a challenge to produce ideal bathroom fittings and products of the best quality. Perfect down to every detail; the manufacturer offers products covering ideal bathroom areas.

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Ideal Standard kitchen taps

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Furniture like Tall Units, Vanity Units,Mirrors and Shelves

Taps for Waschtischarmaturen and Bathtub, as well as some included in Shower Systems

Toilets and Bidets

Ideal Standard Toilet Seats

Kitchen Accessories Ireland

Bathroom Accessories Ireland like Ideal Standard Toilet Roll Holders, Ideal Standard Towel Bars and Soap Dishes


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To make radiators and cast boilers, Ideal Standard was established more than a century ago as a division of "American Radiator Corporation New York." In 1929, the company entered the sanitary market through a merger with "Standard Sanitary Corporation" and remains profitable to this day. This achievement is the result of continuous technical innovation and advancement. 

Headquartered in Belgium, the European company with American roots has recently partnered with renowned Italian design studios to mark a new era of innovation and technology. Constantly striving to meet the demands of modern living, Ideal Standard believes in the harmony of design and performance. Their motto "Where design meets performance" replicates the same through the wide range of products they offer.  

Ideal Standard has been devoted for more than a century to a single goal: to improve the quality of life for its clients. They achieve this by thoughtfully fusing emotional significance with functional perfection through sophisticated design, constantly innovating to foresee the needs and aspirations of contemporary living.


Performance makes everything possible, including excellence in comfort, safety, hygiene, durability, and sustainability. By combining experience and knowledge, Ideal Standard believes it can break through barriers to new possibilities and produce innovations that raise the bar for Ideal bathrooms with products like Ideal Standard toilet seats and Ideal Standard kitchen taps. With its unique coatings and innovations, Ideal Standard has built a quality that differentiates it from the rest of the market. In addition, Ideal Standard uses its own techniques and technologies, making it the best choice for your ideal bathrooms. 

From kitchen sinks, Ideal Standard toilet seats, kitchen taps and kitchen accessories Ireland to bathroom fittings and bathroom accessories Ireland, such as Ideal Standard toilet seat. Ideal Standard Ireland has crafted products with expertise to ensure their customers' needs. Some of the best Ideal Standard Bathroom products are available at xTWOstore.



Ideal Standard Ideal Plus

Ideal Standard Ideal Plus

Ideal Plus: The Ideal Standard ceramic products are made of crystal porcelain and provided with Ideal Plus glaze. This simply beads off water and dirt, thus ensuring easy cleaning and longevity of the products. During the development of the coating Ideal Standard worked together with the technology partner 3M and the coating bears the quality seal of TÜV Rheinland, Berlin / Brandenburg. Learn more about the coating on our Ideal Plus overview page.


Ideal Standard m-tech

Ideal Standard m-tech

m-tech®: Thanks to the special membrane technology for thermostatic valves, they remain flexible for a long time and the fitting retains its function. Unlike traditional O-rings, the technology prevents calcification inside the valve.


Ideal Standard ClickKartusche

Ideal Standard ClickKartusche

Click-Kartusche: Faucets with the Click cartridge have a resistance when the valve is halfway up. Only when this is overcome, more water is consumed. This reduces water consumption by up to 50%. In addition, the temperature is infinitely variable thanks to the wide swivel range and thus easily adjustable.


Ideal Standard AquaBlade

Ideal Standard AquaBlade

AquaBlade®: The rimless toilet with the AquaBlade technology convinces with an optimal rinsing solution despite low water consumption. The smooth surface also supports easy cleaning. Another advantage is the low spray behavior during flushing and the noise reduction: AquaBlade rinses 25% quieter than conventional toilets.


AntiKalk: The rubberized nozzles of the showers can be easily cleaned with a finger and lime can be simply rubbed off. This has a long life to the advantage.

Ideal Standard Cool Body

Ideal Standard Cool Body

CoolBody: The waterways are decoupled from the surface, which makes them not hot and no one can burn their skin on it.

Ideal Standard Easy Fix und Top Fix

Ideal Standard Easy Fix und Top Fix

EASY FIX and TOP FIX: The fittings can be installed quickly and easily and the risk of leakage is minimized. The TOP FIX fastening allows the fitting to be fastened conveniently from above. The EASY FIX faucets have only one stud, with which they are fixed, and can be easily adjusted with a centering seal. This allows the valve to be centered quickly and easily on the tap hole.


Ideal Standard IdealPure

Ideal Standard IdealPure

IdealPure: Thanks to the IdealPure technology, the tap water never comes into contact with the faucet body. This will always give you pure water for cooking, rinsing and drinking that can not absorb heavy metals like lead and nickel from the faucet.

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